Teach More. Manage Less.

Duet studio management software helps independent music teachers focus on nurturing students, not running a business. By consolidating and simplifying the tasks required to manage their small businesses, from roster management to payment processing to practice plans, Duet is the digital partner that helps focus on the teaching and not the management.

Student Management Made Easy

Important Information All In One Place

Duet keeps your students’ important information all in one place: contact information, schedule, practice information, birthday, billing details, practice notes, assigned repertoire and more. Organization will be your superpower!

Import Existing Information

Duet can import your existing information from a spreadsheet, and our Customer Support team is on hand to work through the process with you.

Customizable Communication

Duet streamlines communication, allowing you to send customizable lesson reminders. Scheduled reminders help eliminate the headache of forgotten lessons or last-minute cancellations. Want to email or send an SMS text to several studio parents at once? Duet can help you do that too! You can send: Payment notifications Lesson notes Studio welcome emails Birthday greetings Invoice reminders Lesson swap request Lesson swap response Lent item due notification

Parent Partner Portal

The Duet Parent Portal allows your students’ parents to easily access your studio information. Upcoming lessons, student lesson notes, billing status, and payment information are all easily gathered and viewable in one place. Students too can log in between lessons to review their assignments and log their practice time. It’s never been easier to keep parents and students engaged and committed between lessons!

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Manage Your Calendar

Daily Schedule Delivered To You

Start each day with your schedule for that day delivered directly to your inbox! Automatic notices also alert you when a student requests to change a lesson or registers for a group lesson.

Customizable Calendar

A fully customizable calendar feature allows you to create different types of lessons. Group lessons, recitals, practice sessions and lessons of different lengths. You can block off your personal time, sync with Outlook or Google Calendars, and share open time slots with your students looking to adjust their schedules. Your schedule is based on your based on your availability!

Rescheduling and Make-Up Lesson Ease

Rescheduling students can be an unnecessary time drain for teachers. Let Duet help you by issuing make-up lesson credits to students who need to reschedule. Student can schedule their own make-up lesson, or you can do it for them. The new lesson will automatically appear on a daily schedule that’s emailed directly to you!

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Billing Management

Customizable Billing Schedule

Do you invoice per lesson? Per month? Per quarter? Do you bill parents differently for different students? Create your customizable billing schedule and let Duet do the rest.

Customize Invoices

With Duet, you can create custom invoices that are sent automatically to parents, based on the billing profile you’ve built for that family. You can even choose to send them reminders before their bill is due, and our system automatically triggers overdue notices. Want to charge late fees? Duet can do that automatically, too.

Automated Payment Options

Make it easy for your students or parents to pay with PayPal, bank transfer or credit card. Payments will be automatically recorded in your Duet account, giving you daily insight into which students have paid and which still owe. Do you have students paying in cash or check? No problem. You can enter those payments manually.

Easy Tax Reports

Billing reports, such as transaction details, make-up credits, scheduled invoices and past invoices, give you full insight into your studio’s finances. Tax time is a breeze when Duet is your partner.

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Lesson Management Tools

Practice Log

Mark attendance, payment status, lesson notes and current repertoire for each student. And that’s just the beginning! For instance, you can also challenge your students to record their practice time with our practice log feature.

Notetaking Options

Duet makes it easy for you, parents and students to take notes during a lesson. And you can even email them to students and parents after the lesson, or parents can access lesson notes through their own portal. Getting everyone on the same page is easy!

File Sharing Library

Do you have special fingerings or arrangements you want to send to your students? Our filing system allows you to store and manage your digital library so that it’s easy to share your files with your students. No more searching around your sheet music, scanning, emailing or copying.

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Website Management

Need a website to advertise your studio? Provide contact information to prospective students? Share your teaching philosophy with parents getting to know you? Duet offers website templates that make it easy to establish an online presence.

Already have a website? You can link an existing site to a Duet domain, or use one of our own personalized addresses. Contact forms in your site allow prospective students to reach out to you directly. Website building and maintenance is part of your subscription, so let us worry about the technicalities while you focus on teaching.

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

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