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Benefits of Playing an Instrument
Your Vision and Values as a Teacher – Creating a Mission Statement as a Teacher Vision and Values of a music teacher

Do you have a set of values that guide your teaching and the way you’ve set up your studio? Here are some ideas to get you started.

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duet Jul 10, 2023 Inspiration
What do teachers do during summer, and how do you handle summer downtime? What do music teachers do during the summer?

How do you handle the possibility of changing teaching schedules in your music studio during the summer months?

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duet Jul 3, 2023 Inspiration
Learning Piano as an Adult – My Steps To Re-Learning The Piano Learning Piano as an Adult

With all but one of my children driving and displaying functional levels of independence, I recently decided it was time for me to revisit one of my first loves: playing the piano.

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duet Jun 26, 2023 Inspiration
Motivating Children – What Works When Talking to Parents About Practicing Music? motivating children

We know from talking to hundreds of music teachers over the years that students’ practicing habits are always a point of discussion. We’ve seen parents fall into a whole range of attitudes. Here are a few that we’ve seen.

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duet Jun 19, 2023 Inspiration
Why Some Teachers Add Online Studio To Their Duet Subscription A platform for online music lessons

Want to have access to an online teaching platform that actually works for music? Online Studio might be the solution for you.

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duet Jun 5, 2023 Studio Management