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What can Duet do for you?

  • Quickbooks
  • Calendly
  • SquareSpace
  • GoDaddy
  • Your Time
versus the simplicity of Duet

Group and individual lesson calendaring

Easy attendance tracking


SMS and email reminders

Google calendar synching

Multiple locations

Make-up credits

Zoom and Skype integrations

Learning Management

Lesson notes attached to each student

Digital file storage

Library lending tracker

Practice log

Online Teaching

One-click access to Online Studio

Unlimited time in your virtual studio

Enhanced Music Mode for better audio

Half the price of Zoom

Student Managment

Private and shared lesson notes

Activity history

SMS and email reminders

Mass email customization and delivery

Student/parent portal

Continuing Education

Podcast series on Spotify and Apple

Monthly webinars and courses

Active Facebook group

Free worksheets and discounts to partner organizations

Parent/Student Communication

SMS and email reminders

Customizable studio newsletters

Birthday reminders

Automated invoicing and payment collection


Invoicing and payment reports

Lesson and activity reports

Expense reports

Easy tax preparation

Mileage tracking


Flexible invoicing and rate options

Payments through credit card or PayPal

Automatic recurring billing

Automated cancellation and late fees

Customizable templates

Scheduled invoices