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Benefits of Playing an Instrument
3 Things You Should Do Before Advertising Your Online Music Lessons advertising music lessons online

How can you promote yourself as an online music teacher? Here are three marketing ideas to get you started.

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duet Jan 16, 2023 Promotion Partners
3 Things to Consider When Revamping Your Music Studio Website Music Teacher Blog post about how to update your music studio website with Yiyi Ku

This is part 3 of a series of articles I am writing to share my experience rebuilding my piano studio after relocating to a new place. Here are considerations for updating your music studio website.

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Yiyi Ku Oct 10, 2022 Inspiration
6 Things To Include On Your Music Teacher Resume

People don’t know me here. Why should they trust me with their children? What can I offer? I need to advertise myself. I need to update my website. But first, I need to update my resume.

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Yiyi Ku Aug 29, 2022 Studio Promotion
Music Studio Move! 5 Ideas for Rebuilding My Music Studio In A New Place music studio move

Piano teacher Yiyi Ku is moving from California to New Zealand. What’s she doing to keep her studio strong and thriving in her new home? Read on!

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Yiyi Ku Jul 10, 2022 Inspiration
8 Ways to Identify Your Ideal Student Type music student

Some music teachers may think they need to take any music student who expresses interest in studying with them. But this isn’t necessarily wise. Along your journey to recruit more private lessons students into your music studio, it’s important to think about your ideal student type to make sure of a high quality student-to-teacher fit. Do you know your ideal student type? Here are 8 ways to identify your ideal student.

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Kelly Riordan May 30, 2022 Inspiration