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Benefits of Playing an Instrument
4 Questions to Ask Yourself About Summer Music Lesson Scheduling music lesson scheduling

In the summer months, scheduling music lessons flexibly is possible. How do you want to schedule your summer music lessons?

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duet Apr 17, 2023 Studio Management
3 Tips for Traveling With Musical Instruments traveling with instruments

Summer travel is almost here. Here are some tips for traveling with an instrument that you might share with your students.

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duet Apr 14, 2023 Student Engagement
Summer Music Festivals: How To Choose? summer music festival

For musicians and music students, summer often means music festivals. How do you choose which ones are right for your students?

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duet Apr 11, 2023 Student Engagement
Episode 2 Launches! Setting Up Your Independent Music Teaching Studio How to set up a music studio

Episode 2 of Setting Up An Independent Music Teaching Studio is now available to Duet subscribers! This month, Brittany Gardner talks about the role of structure in making sure our studios thrive.

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Duet Partner Dec 2, 2022 Inspiration
3 Things to Consider When Revamping Your Music Studio Website Music Teacher Blog post about how to update your music studio website with Yiyi Ku

This is part 3 of a series of articles I am writing to share my experience rebuilding my piano studio after relocating to a new place. Here are considerations for updating your music studio website.

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Yiyi Ku Oct 10, 2022 Inspiration