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This Wednesday, April 5th at 12:30pm Mountain Time, Duet is hosting a live webinar to chat with teachers about music studio traditions and event. What makes your studio fun for your students to be a part of? How do you like to commemorate their milestones? Have you ever tried a tradition that just didn’t work?

Register for the webinar here.

Traditions can be a way to mark growth in a music studio, and they can be a way to bring your students together to have a little fun. Our discussion will be led by veteran teacher Brittany Gardner, who will share her experience running a “March Madness” practice challenge every year. In her studio, students track their practice amounts each day for the entire month, and if they hit their practice goals they get to attend an epic party at her house at the end of the month. Simple ideas like this can keep your students motivated and allow them to celebrate their progress in unique ways.

Register for the webinar here.

If you’d like to watch Brittany’s episode on music studio traditions and events in “Setting Up An Independent Music Teaching Studio,” it’s episode 4. (The course is available to Duet subscribers for free in your account, or it is available to everyone at Udemy.com.)

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