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New Podcast! Streamlining Your Music Teaching Business with Sara Campbell

music podcast on streamlining music business systems

Sara Campbell is savvy. Not only does she run Savvy Music Studio, a coaching service for music teachers, but she’s studied the best standard operating procedures for streamlining the pesky tasks of running a small business. A studio management software like Duet gives you the digital tools to run your business more easily and efficiently. But at the end of the day, your studio is really about who you are and how you connect with your students. You are the only one who can map out systems and business management strategies that allow you to get the most out of your tools and create the deepest relationships with your clients.

Sara Campbell has worked with hundreds of music teachers from guitar to violin teachers to create customized branding foundations, business plans and marketing and social media strategies. So she is the perfect person to guide us on how to set up systems that take the drudgery out of running a small business.


Sara has a special offer for Duet listeners: Get 20% off her course, The Social Media Savvy Studio, when you register here. In this self-paced online course, you’ll learn how to create simple social media strategies that will work for your music studio or online music business. You’ll cover how to: Build effective Facebook, Instagram, and Google My Business accounts; use Facebook Live and Reels to boost your audience reach; make great looking graphics without taking tons of time to do it, and much more!

Sara Campbell of Savvy Music Studio
Duet Partner Nov 7, 2022 Podcasts

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